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 In the case of common steam sterilization, standard size culture bags (approximately 8 inches x 12 inches) usually require a sterilization time of 2.5h at 121°C.

Customization is not possible. The equipment releases steam periodically during operation, starting from 50 minutes, with a frequency of one second every 60 seconds after reaching 103℃.

 Declaration of power cord for vertical autoclave: Our company’s vertical pressure steam sterilizer (including 35L, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150L capacity) has a minimum power of 2500W and a maximum power of up to 6000W. Because household 220V plugs generally do not exceed 16A from a safety perspective, our equipment’s power clearly exceeds the safe range of 16A. Therefore, the power cord of our company’s vertical pressure steam sterilizer is connected by wiring. Users can choose to install a leakage protection switch according to the equipment power and their own wiring thickness to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and avoid electrical safety problems such as leakage and short circuit.

No, it cannot. The sterilizer comes with a built-in printing function.

 Fill up the water (2 cm above the water level gauge) and sterilize for about 150 minutes.

 Error 1: Sterilization chamber temperature sensor failure

Solution: 1. Check if the sensor plug is loose. 2, The sensor needs to be replaced


Error 2: The pressure sensor in the sterilization chamber is faulty

Solution: replace the motherboard


Error 6: Failed to raise the temperature and boost the pressure

Solution: Check if the heating tube is heating


Mistake 10: Lack of water in the sterilization chamber

Solution: 1 There is a lack of water in the sterilization chamber, water needs to be added to the sterilization chamber 2 There is water in the sterilization chamber, but the water shortage is displayed, the water level sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced